JuiceSky is proud to present to you "JuiceSky People's Award: MOVIE 2017" in conjunction with "KKIFF 2017".

How It Works?

  • Simply sign-up for a FREE JuiceSky user account and vote your favourite short movie.
  • Scoring will be based on 80% from JuiceSky Mobile App and 20% by Invited Judges.
  • Closing date for voting will be on 14th July 2017.

Entry #1
by Ester Saminding (Malaysia)
Entry #2
Hello Pirit
by Kwan Thung Seng (Malaysia)
Entry #3
When our gardens grow silent
by Mzung (Vietnam)
Entry #4
The Light of Hope
by M Iskandar Tri Gunawan (Indonesia)
Entry #5
The Last Survivors
by Natasha Venner-Pack (Malaysia)
Entry #6
The Master Weaver
by Borneo Art Collective (Malaysia)
Entry #7
Zero Level
by Ko Oo (Myanmar)
Entry #8
Seletar’s Hidden
by Luqman Nurhakim (Singapore)
Entry #9
The Men Who Carry Thaipusam
by Shanjeev Reddy (Malaysia)
Entry #10
The Act of Neighbourhood
by Awgku Khairuddin Bin Awang Kasim (Malaysia)
Entry #11
Aku Juga Manusia
by Syahrizan Bin Ramlee (Malaysia)
Entry #12
Living Alone on Bung Jagoi
by Yow Chong Lee (Malaysia)
Entry #13
From the Ashes of Khmer Islam
by Chen Yih Wen (Malaysia)
Entry #14
by Charles Hazo (Malaysia)
Entry #15
Another Exodus
by Le Nguyen (Vietnam)
Entry #16
Heaven of Children
by Masoud Soheili (Indonesia)
Entry #17
Steam Fish 《蒸魚》
by Tay Sheik Er (Malaysia)
Entry #18
by Mohamad Khairul Azizi Bin Khalil (Malaysia)
Entry #19
Roti Kosong
by Muhammad Umar Bin Zairul Hisham (Malaysia)
Entry #20
Paper Plane 《纸飞机》
by Tay Sheik Er (Malaysia)
Entry #21
When It’s Time to Grow Up | Aman Nak Besar?
by Mohd Affendi Bin Azizan (Malaysia)
Entry #22
Withered & Bloom
by Kwan Thung Seng (Malaysia)
Entry #23
by Nur’ Adawiyah Binti Abu Hassan (Malaysia)
Entry #24
I don’t want to die
by Yeap Swee Leong (Malaysia)
Entry #25
by Mohammad Yusof Bin Sadjirin (Malaysia)
Entry #26
A moment of regret
by Michelle Xin (Malaysia)
Entry #27
Heart (Jiwa)
by Al Fazhir Bin Ali (Malaysia)
Entry #28
Diari Pembunuh (Killer Diary)
by Muhammad Nazri Bin Walkie (Malaysia)
Entry #29
by Geraldyn Acibron (Philippines)
Entry #30
by Dale Owen Stephan (Malaysia)
Entry #31
Si Tommy
by Kubendera M.S. Mahadevan (Malaysia)